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Many British schools no longer offer languages at A Level. As you can imagine, interest is low because English students feel that they don’t need to speak forgeign languages when so many people in the world speak English.

 UK students often perceive languages to be difficult. If you would like to attend a language class, it is essential to let us know when you book. If choosing a language, it is not a good idea to try and choose a school too because the one you choose may be running languages this year, but drop them for next year.

Additionally, the level of language in French or Spanish may be lower than you are used to. Please think carefully about whether you need to study a language. If you can only choose to visit three subjects, it may be more interesting to take ones you couldn’t have at home rather than using one option for language. Private tuition is always possible as there is a good system of online and in person tutoring. The cost is around £25 an hour and you can progress at your own speed.

There is a specific situation with Latin. It is rarely available at schools, but there is an excellent distance learning programme from Cambridge University which provides A Level tuition.


English Language

Most students who need to gain an English Language qualification choose to take a Cambridge exam whilst they are with us in the UK. The correct level is Cambridge Advanced, which is a C1 on the European Framework. Some students achieve a C2 in that exam, anyone having difficulty would usually be awarded a B2. In addition to A Level or BTEC, you may be able to take English and Maths. SEE does not teach English.

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