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Can you really do that?

In some ways, you can choose a family, in some ways you can’t. Maybe it is important to you to have a brother or sister in the family. If so, we advise you think about it carefully. There are advantages to being the only ‘child’ and advantages to having siblings. If you decide you can’t imagine living without another teenager, please let us know as early as possible. It is very likely that you would then be in a family with another exchange student. Of course they couldn’t be the same nationality as you, you have to speak different languages and have single rooms in the home. A placement with another student can be guaranteed at a small extra charge, but placement with a British sibling will always be on request.

If you really don’t get on with younger children, please let us know as we would certainly take that into consideration.

Perhaps you have a reason to prefer a family with two parents, possibly because you come from a single parent family yourself and always wanted to have ‘the other half’. Two parent families can be requested or guaranteed, but we recommend you are open to different constellations because you might be surprised how much you like it.

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