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Cultural Experience England

We have cultural immersion programmes for students aged 14-18, college programmes for students aged 16-18, the unique short term language leaning programme ‘British Buddies’ and our new independent school, Study Hub.

Each programme is carefully designed to reflect our company philosophy and provide maximum benefit for our young participants so that our partners can be proud to represent SEE.


Cultural Immersion Programmes

Spending a semester at school in the UK is a sure way to perfect language skills, get to know the British way of life and experience personal growth.


Private School Programmes

There are so many private schools in the UK that students and parents are often overwhelmed by choice and don’t know where to start. We take the worry out by presenting the options clearly.

our unique programme

British Buddies

SEE doesn’t offer language schools. Why not? Because we have something much more exciting!

Would you like to be a host?

Information for host families

Our fantastic host families make our programmes possible. Would you like to join this lovely group of people and experience cultural exchange in your own home too?

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We’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have and tell you more about these great programmes.