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It is possible to choose a school from this book, receive the full prospectus, look at everything on the website and complete application and arrive without ever having seen the school. That is an option because we can answer all questions and arrange a skype meeting.

Of course, it is also a good idea to come to the UK and visit one or more school to make it easier to choose. SEE offers a welcome package which include airport pick up, driving to the school with a member of staff, hotel bookings and a transfer back to the airport.


Application processes are a little different in all schools. Some ask for an in person or Skype interview, others are happy to arrange everything electronically. Either way, SEE supports every step along the way, from arranging admissions to ordering uniform. It is necessary to pay a deposit to finalise application. Full fees for each term must be paid before arrival.


In many cities, we offer preparation seminars with English native speakers, so students feel a little more comfortable with the language before they arrive. Such events woulnd’t be necessary for boarding schools, but they are extremely helpful to make starting as a day pupil easier. They provide vocabulary for and practice with
situations such as arrival, meeting the family for the first time, shopping, starting school, handling problems, arranging travel, handling medical issues and preparing to study.

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