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More information about schools

You might be wondering why you find so little about each school in this brochure. It is because we would need so much more space to give an accurate picture of a school that it is better to see their own website and brochures. We are always happy to send PDFs or links to school material. If a little more time is available, we can send newsletters, brochures and information packs by post.

A pile of brochures can become overwhelming though. Instead, we recommend a student fills in our questionnaire. This gives us an impression of what is important to a student and his parents. We can then recommend the school we think fits best.

More information about host families

Of course, which school a student attends is only one part of the scenario. We consider the question of which family they live in equally if not more
important. We want each student to have a home where he feels comfortable as well as parents and possibly siblings he can relax with and rely on.

SEE works with about 100 host families every year. We know each one well. They were all chosen by an area manager who went to their home,
interviewed them and carried out all the necessary background checks. In many cases, they have hosted for us for years, so we know them even better. We match up students and families according to interests and characteristics.

The same area manager is responsible for a student from the moment a school choice has been made and a family has been arranged. She will write to the student to make sure he understands everything about uniform, subject
choices, travel and activities. She will also check that contact with the host family is going well and answer any questions from either side.

On arrival day, all students are met at the airport and usually travel to one of our city hubs (Canterbury, Brighton, Reading, Oxford, Salisbury and
Bournemouth) in a group. Being part of an international group can be very
helpful, although we do encourage students to focus on finding British friends too.

The area manager helps students to join local clubs and orchestras. We try and keep everyone as busy as possible. The first opportunity to join a trip (usually London) will be in the first month and other chances will follow.

If you want to find out more, get in touch

We’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have or if you need any further information.